Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well Kick Me In The Ass And Call Me Fred

Living in a town that is so full of douche bags makes getting through a day without burying one of them alive.  As an American citizen, should I be subjected to one ass that cannot delineate between one of his friends and his friends evil?  As a City employee, should he bitch about my house, lawn, car, dumpster or the large hole I'm digging as shelter from 2012 (I'm kidding about the car) and not bitch about his friend that has shit piled up right next to that douche bag's house?

You know what, I'm sorry but what's good for the goose is a reason to roast the gander.  Do your flipping job, you cannot ignore one and hold the other to a different standard.  Kiss my arse if I'll let that happen.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've Just Been Awarded...

Sixteen MILLION dollars!  That's what the email said, and emails are never used for nefarious purposes.  That's not all, when I send them $350 they will send a courier to the address I am to provide to them!  To make sure its really me, I have to provide them with two pieces of identification (my Social Security Number and a copy of my Passport) then when I meet with the courier, they can be sure its really me and not some scam artist (their words)!