Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is it so hard?

Vague, sure it is, but give me a moment and I will explain in great detail.  I like iced tea, more importantly I really like the tea that they have at the goldish colored giant letter between L and N, but apparently they have no clue when it comes to customer service.

The past three, THREE times I have been there it has be an act of Congress just to get the stupid tea.  I'm a patient guy (stop laughing I am), but when it takes 8 minutes with one, did I say ONE car ahead of you, its a bit much.  In looking at the problem with my patient eyes (stop laughing), one might believe that there were multiple cars ahead of me that required extra attention, but alas as I mentioned earlier, there was ONE, ONE damned car.  Again looking through my patient eyes you might believe that the lobby was full and the parking lot was so crammed with cars that it looked like a junkyard, you would be wrong, it was as empty as Nancy Pelosi's soul.

During the EIGHT minute wait, I lost my satellite radio (stupid dead spots that stokes my fire too, but I digress) so I got to listen to my engine idle, and thank all that is good in the world gas is so cheap here it feels like a Mad Max movie.  Again with the digressing, you might assume that Chester and his wife Fields (the car ahead of me, and NO those aren't their real names), had extravagant orders and that it required every employee to slather upon the buns 0.43339 ounces of ketchup whilst holding the onions until the optimal temperature of 93.04 degrees was met, NO, hell NO!

Two scalding hot (see the label on the cup) cups of coffee and TWO ice cream cones, that's it.  I'm sure you too are pondering why anyone would need hot coffee and ice cream, but I associated it to the sheer fact that they have not temperature receptors in their mouths, but lets stick to the point!  TWO cups of coffee and TWO ice cream cones, the combination of those tricky orders forced me to wait for EIGHT MINUTES...  Really?  Can it be that flipping hard?  Survey says, uhm NO, no it can't be that hard.

Please goldish colored giant letter between L and N people, please make it stop!  First its the service, then its the endangered North American plastic straws and now its waiting for absolutely ever to get a stupid iced tea!

I feel better now.  Not really, I'm sure I'll get agitated again tomorrow too.

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  1. Should have had a cleaver. It holds all the answers.