Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Me, Myself and I

Let's get back to the good old fashioned rant shall we.  What kind of man asks a question to a fourteen year old boy about another man?  Here's the scenario...  You have a man in his FIFTIES ask a child, yes a child about a condition that his uncle may have in a rhetorical sense.  Rhetorical meaning he wasn't expecting an answer instead it was more like a jab at a situation he knows nothing about.  What a dick and what a pussy.  Why not grow a pair of balls and ask the other adult yourself or are you that big of a pussy?  That too is a rhetorical question because we already know the answer now don't we.

Only a coward tries to address a problem in that fashion and he's fairly lucky someone doesn't punch him in the face.  I hate cowards, and I really hate those cowards that involve other people, children for example, in their greater act of pussification.

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