Sunday, July 3, 2011


Why in the bloody Heck after you pass someone they decide that they have to pass you back and then slow down so you have to pass them again!  I took a trip to Park Falls, WI today (absolutely beautiful place BTW) and I found a person that I think might need to have their license taken from them and jammed down their throat.
Somewhere around Madison, WI (don't get me started with Madison, it won't end well), I passed a car and I would bet for the next 90 miles or so the driver decided she had to speed up and slow down so much, I was convinced she was having a seizure.  Why else would anyone get passed and then pass me, accelerate and then slow down at least 11 times.  Eleven.

It befuddles me when people are obviously blatantly inept as drivers and obviously got their license when a drooling, feeble, water head as the person that passed them on the stupid drivers test.  Ladies and gentlemen of the jury shouldn't we be able to have their licenses revoked, their cars impounded then crushed and have their heads shaved and their scalps painted pink (the head shaving and painting really have no intrinsic punishment value, I just think it would be cool).

People of the world unite and force drivers like this into forced labor camps, have them forcefully sterilized (so they can't create other bad drivers) and their ancestors dug up and their bones urinated on by alcoholic donkeys.

Bad drivers must be found and destroyed, give me the job I can tell who the bad drivers are mainly by the State that issued their licenses, as well as those that aggravate me.  I can fix this I assure you.  I'm me and I have approved of this ad.

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